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In exactly one week from today I’m boarding a plane to Kathmandu. At this moment I’m filled with nervous excitement. I feel well prepared but the truth is that I have no idea what exactly I’m going to encounter, so I may be over or under prepared…I’ll find out pretty soon here! Up until this point I’ve simply been in love with the idea of Nepal. Now, in just 7 days, I actually get to explore all the gifts this country has to offer. Based on my research and conversations with people who have been touched by Nepal, I believe I am going to love it. Already I’m extremely fortunate to have met amazing people during the planning and preparation stages for my Great Himalaya Trail adventure. For this trip, I give many thanks to all the people who have given me support, advice, caution, or actual lessons. In the larger scope, I’ve been given every chance in life to learn, grow, and excel. I’ve felt empowered by the opportunities I’ve been afforded, and by the people who have believed in me. It is my turn to start giving back; in particular by passing on the gifts of education and empowerment to others.

I give support locally to the Calgary Nepalese Community Association, and abroad to Wide Open Vistas.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to make a donation to Wide Open Vistas through my Fundraising link. Why donate to Wide Open Vistas?


  • By supporting WOV through my campaign, you are showing support for me! THANK-YOU!
  • WOV supports the educational and health needs of children in Nepal, a country struggling with being one of the ten poorest nations on the planet.
  • ^^^ That was before the earthquakes. Imagine the state they are in now.
  • Speaking of the earthquakes, since Wide Open Vistas is such a lean organization, they were able to deploy fast-packing feet on the ground very soon after the earthquakes to hand-deliver tarps and other supplies directly to families, and make community assessment reports. WOV collected earthquake relief funds which will be used to re-build a school.
  • WOV turns donations into long term, sustainable outcomes that are measurable.
  • WOV is a very small and responsibly run not-for-profit organization with almost no administrative overhead. This means that more of your donation dollars go directly to helping those in need than if you give to larger organizations.
  • Donations through my campaign will be directed mainly to supporting female students, since girls face unique challenges when it comes to education in a country where women are often marginalized as second-class citizens.
  • Just $10 can send a child to school for a whole month.

Thank-you for considering making a donation to Wide Open Vistas – click here to donate. I know that there are SO many organizations out there trying to make a difference in your community and around the world – how can you be expected to give to all of them?!? I simply encourage you to give Wide Open Vistas a small cut of your larger giving efforts. I truly believe in WOV and its ability to give Nepalese children a chance to learn and grow. I want to pay forward the ‘vote of confidence’ that life has handed to me.

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