Found Some Snow!

Well it took a couple of weeks but we finally got some snowfall! In fact we got a huge storm that deposited TOO MUCH snow. It was too dangerous to ski backcountry for a little while so I took the opportunity to practice some skills at Canada Olympic Park. I’d like to be able to land a backflip confidently by the end of the ski season. So this will require getting comfortable with bigger air time, and trusting my landings. Hence the park riding, and lack of cool pictures.

Nevertheless this past weekend I managed to visit the backcountry twice.

Dec 5 – Icefields Parkway

My first attempt at bagging a couloir. Unfortunately when we got up into it, it turned out that the recent storm had deposited so much snow that it all ripped out to the ground. We were able to ride a bit of it, plus the fan below, so at least we got to play a little bit!

IMG_20141205_130717 IMG_20141205_132418 Screenshot_2014-12-05-15-13-34~2


Photo Credit: Ian Holmes

Photo Credit: Ian Holmes


Dec 7 – Commonwealth Valley – Kananaskis

Finally – a really stellar ski day! Great weather caused the snow to settle into excellent riding conditions. So on a fine Sunday afternoon we took the opportunity to head out to K-Country to explore an area new to me. What we found was a playful treed slope with soft snow. We bagged some beautiful fresh lines in the sunshine.

This was also the first time I got to ride my new Atomic Automatic skis + Dynafit bindings AND use them the way they were meant to be used. I am super happy with how the skis were responsive but floaty. At 172cm they are a good length for me, especially compared to the Atomics I bought two years ago which were only 154’s. The Dynafits are everything you need a binding to be – lightweight, easy to use, fast to change over and sturdy.

IMG_20141207_112423 IMG_20141207_133901 IMG_20141207_141342 IMG_20141207_142851

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